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RCE Mission

RCE Czechia aims to support incremental changes towards sustainability in formal and informal education using a step-by-step approach. Thus, small and achievable steps will be planned and realized cooperatively or individually by RCE members in educational praxis, based on their existing experiences and capacities.

Establishment of RCE Czechia

On 27th April 2017, the Regional Centre of Expertise Czechia was officially launched and successfully accredited by the United Nations University (UNU). In the Czech Republic, RCE Czechia is the first association of this type, joining the network of Regional Centres of Expertise across the world which today comprises more than 150 such RCE associations.

What are we?

RCE Czechia is currently a community of 22 partners - Czech universities, schools, non-governmental organizations, representatives of local government and small-scale entrepreneurs - who aim to build a culture of sustainability and involve citizens in democratic processes.

The members of RCE Czechia consider it necessary to enrich the existing Czech educational approaches (used at all levels of formal and informal learning) by integrating methods based on authentic experience with nature, the arts, crafts and vocational work ultimately aiming at a change in lifestyle. In order to achieve this, they will use their diverse knowledge and experience to create opportunities for dialogue, planning joint learning activities and practically focused projects.

RCE Czechia will support sustainability-oriented processes in selected areas and cooperate with numerous stakeholders that have similar goals. The fields of RCE operation will be closely related to the partnerships that enable the utilization of knowledge and experiences of the involved partners to enhance practices in education, regional economic and cultural development. The RCE’s concern with practical issues of local and regional development will allow exploration of economic alternatives that promote green, sustainable businesses which build upon environmental and cultural assets for the benefit of communities and the environment. Support for this development will be realized through education activities, providing expertise, making opportunities for dialogue, and other practical joint activities and projects. ​